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HS-XF Type Rotary
HS-X Type Rotary J
HS-GF Type Rotary
HS-G Type Rotary J
HD-F Type Rotary J
HD Type Rotary Joi
Hydraulic Oil Rota
Hydraulic Oil Rota
Hydraulic Oil Rota
Hydraulic Oil Rota
Hydraulic Oil Rota
Hydraulic Oil Rota
Hydraulic Oil Rota
Swivel Joint
Swivel Joint
Swivel Joint
Swivel Joint
Swivel Joint
Swivel Joint
Swivel Joint
Swivel Joint
Jiang Sheng Products   Jiang Sheng Products
  • 1. Long-Life Rotary Joints with 20000 hours
  • 2. High-Speed Rotary Joints with Max. Speed 10000rpm
  • 3. High-Temperature Rotary Joints with Max. Temperature 450°C
  • 4. High-Pressure Rotary Joints with Max. Pressure 80Mpa
  • 5. High-Quality mechanical seals for good sealing performance
  • 1. Large amounts of stocks ensure delivery within 7 days
  • 2. The careful control of the manufacturing process ensure the best operating performance
  • 3. Experienced engineering team ensure customized products designed
  • 4.The latest technology and equipment bringing you stunning solutions.
  • 5.ISO standard quality system to guarantee our products for conformance.
JiangSheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing rotary joint inChinaand supplying Sealing Products to the Fluid Control Industries worldwide. Our main products: Rotary Joint, Flexible Metal Conduit, Quick Coupling, Seal Folding Rings, Steam Trap etc.   JiangSheng Rotary Joint applications include Air Clutches, Gear Boxes, Machine Tool Spindles, Textile Equipment, Rubber & Plastic Manufacturing Machinery, Steel Continuous Casting Machines and Paper Machine Calender etc. Based inShandong, the company is certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality management system by Lloyds' Register. At JiangSheng, we work and live with the ISO 9001 quality management system – each step of the process is carefully planned and controlled, each item is inspected prior to dispatch. The result being that our client ...[more]
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而这种产品在这方面有很好的表现,自然也就能提高它的使用寿命,除了这方面之外,它在抗磨损上面的表现也很突出,其实一个产品 ...

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